Wightefield: A Civil War Romance Novel by Miranda Beall
Wightefield: A Civil War Romance Novel by Miranda Beall

Two Romance Novels by Miranda Beall

Then I Saw the Congo: A Novel of the Antebellum South
Romance, hidden treasure, stolen jewels, fugitive slave hideouts, wild and all-consuming fires, an old slave graveyard, genteel southern Maryland parties, unscrupulous tobacco merchants, wispy ghosts, and restless spirits—bits and pieces of the past that have survived the journey to 1960’s southern Maryland former tobacco plantations. The pieces are all there, but how do they fit together?

Wightefield: A Civil War Romance Novel
The 1863 Civil War death of Lamerie Wighte, mistress of Wightefield, and the rape of her 12-year-old daughter Mersey by Union Lieutenant Shadrack Hawkins fuels another treasure hunt 100 years later. Romance, ancestral ghosts, treasure hunters, and descendants of the prominent Wighte and Mainwaring families search the Civil War ruins of Wightefield for a fabled emerald necklace and family silver rumored to be hidden there.


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