From Miranda's Southern Maryland

The Sunday Star, Washington, D. C., March 5, 1916

With the Rambler


Ninian Beall was a Scottish soldier loyal to the house of Stuart; fighting against the Cromwell forces he was made a prisoner at the battle of Dunbar. Whether he came to Maryland because he did not relish the government of the Commonwealth, the Rambler does not know, but some writers have said that he was “transported” to Maryland. He had three brothers, Thomas, John, and George, and they all had Maryland patents to lands. Thomas, who married Elizabeth Lee, died in 1708, and left a large family, eight children. One of his sons, Capt. Charles Beall, had a son. One of his sons, Capt. Charles Beall , had a son, Col. Joshua Beall, and he was baptized by the Rev. Hugh Conn, one of the early Presbyterian ministers of this region. Mr. Conn had a church at Bladensburg, and he married into the Veitch family, which owned part of the field on which the battle of Bladensburg was fought.